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The World According to Harry

The World According to Harry

Ref No: 9781529104929

Details: Author: Harry Redknapp

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

The World according to Harry

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'The beautiful game has taught me a lot, but I've had quite a life outside of football too. This book is full of my best stories - kickabouts with jumpers for goalposts with Bobby Moore, mine and Sandra's disastrous honeymoon to Torquay in a dodgy car and my funniest 'Mr Pastry' moments - as well as my thoughts on the important things in life. I'm finally sharing what I've learned on and off the pitch: from growing up poor in Poplar to the heights of the Premiership and even lying in a coffin with a load of rats on national television.

It's everything I know about true team spirit, hard work, tough times, why family are so important and why everyone deserves respect no matter whether they're royal or sleeping rough - and, of course, the real joy of a jam roly-poly.'

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