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Cludio Ranieri: T[h]inkerman

Cludio Ranieri: T[h]inkerman

Ref No: 9781782551287

Details: Author: Aris Gatas

Type: Books

Price: £13.95

How does a team and a coach, who were nearly forgotten a year ago, achieve the impossible? How do they rise to the top and conquer the Premier League, the toughest league in the world? Everyone is entitled to dream big after Claudio Ranieri's miracle with Leicester City. Sports reporter Aris Gatas has followed Ranieri's course over the last two years, collecting exclusive interviews and reports, and used them to create this detailed biography of Ranieri. The last two years had their ups and downs-from the outcry over the Greek national team's downfall, to the triumph of bringing Leicester to the Premier League title! The Italian coach became a symbol of faith in reaching one's goals.

He is a fine example of optimism, confidence, and positive energy. He is the Tinkerman who transformed into the THINKERman. In the era of economic crisis and values, Ranieri's achievements will captivate you.

With anecdotal, shocking stories from all those whose lives were changed after the miracle of Leicester, this book is a guide for young people who dream of conquering the remarkable world of football, and more besides.


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