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Walking Down The Manny Road : Inside Bolton's Football Hooligan

Walking Down The Manny Road : Inside Bolton's Football Hooligan

Ref No: 9781905769247

Details: Author: Doug Mitchell

Type: Books

RRP: £11.99
Price: £10.99

Fuelled by industrial quantities of lager and cocaine, and enough Class B drugs to open a medium-sized pharmacy, the Bolton Cuckoo Boys cut a swathe through the hooligan world, and in the process became one of the country's most formidable mobs.  In this frank and fascinating book Doug Mitchell, a member for three decades, tells how warring gangs from Bolton's sprawling estates (such as the Tonge Moor Stanley Boys, the Horwich Casuals and the Billy Whiz Fan Club) came together to fight for the honour of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.  And what a story it is.

The book is packed with gratuitous violence, laugh-out-loud anecdotes, drunken debauchery and an utter contempt for traditional enemies like Man U and the Scousers. The Cuckoo Boys also found the time to put Lancashire rivals in their place, with firms from Blackburn, Wigan, Blackpool, Preston and Oldham taking a hell of a beating any time they stuck their heads above the parapet.  But they were also keen to take their brand of violence to other parts of England, flaring it off with legendary mobs from Millwall, Middlesbrough, Stoke, Bristol City and Chelsea, among many others.  Mitchell is far from a one-man band and he includes contributions from a range of Cuckoo Boys and from the next generation of hooligans in the Bolton Youth.  There is total mayhem as the firm follows BWFC into Europe, not least in Spain, where it goes off big time with the police, or in France where they get a less than cordial welcome from Marseille's North African population. Sometimes outrageous, frequently offensive, often hilarious . . . but always compelling.

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