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Street Soccer: The Coaches' Guide

Street Soccer: The Coaches' Guide

Ref No: 9781782550877

Details: Author: Darren Laver

Type: Books

Price: £13.95

Street soccer is exciting, creative, and fun. But even the most creative players need a good coach to realize their potential. This book to street soccer coaching is written by the founder of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA), and is an informative, practical, and easy-to-use handbook for soccer coaches of all levels.

The best way to nurture creativity is to have an optimal learning environment. The ISSA has spent decades developing the best and most efficient coaching methods to create such an environment and shape better players and teams. In the book, these methods and strategies are detailed for every street soccer coach, whether coaching a grassroots team or a professional club.

Street Soccer: The Coaches Guide contains 50 gamessmall sided and 1-v-1that coaches can try out with their players in order to become more successful and still have fun. This book presents a fresh, modern, creative and holistic form of soccer coaching in an informative and easy-to-use format. It will help everyone become a great street soccer coach and learn a creative, efficient, and dynamic way to coach the beautiful game.


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