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Soccer In The 1930's. Simple or Sublime?

Soccer In The 1930's. Simple or Sublime?

Ref No: 9781905891924

Details: Author; Jack Rollin

Type: Books

Price: £18.00

Many readers will be familiar with Jack Rollin’s Soccer at War, perhaps the best single-volume account of football in the UK during the two world wars. In a sequel (or actually a prequel I suppose) Jack has now turned his attention to the 1930s. As with Soccer at War, the book has a narrative part, telling the story of 1930s football in the home nations, and a 50 page statistical section.

The book is loosely structured around chapters that give details of the careers (and outside interests) of the players of the time, a survey of the achievements of all the League clubs around the country, and a chapter of what used to be called “tit bits” – those miscellaneous items that lend colour to the events of the time. Football in Scotland, Wales and Ireland is not neglected. Nor is the fledging World Cup, three competitions of which took place in the 1930s, without any UK involvement of course (although a UK team did make a rather unsuccessful appearance in the 1936 Olympic Games).

The book is illustrated with player photographs, team groups and action shots. The cover artwork has elements derived from by the poster for the 1930 World Cup and the 1930 fly-over of Wembley Stadium by a Zeppelin airship on FA Cup Final day.

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