Champions All! (HB)

Champions All! (HB)

Ref No: 9781905891023

Details: Author: Tony Brown

Type: Books

Price: £32.00

* Complete results and line-ups grids (similar to those in the Definitive books) for the Football League champions 1888/89 to 1991/92 and the Premier League champions to 2006/07. The position of the champion club in the League table after each game is included. All other competitive games played by the club that season are shown, such as the FA Cup and European cups

* A named line-up photograph for nearly all of the champion clubs between 1888/89 and 1938/39

* A short personal account of each season, with details of when and how the title was won

* A full list of every player that has appeared for a club in the seasons that they were champions

* Pages of statistics relating to the champion clubs

* Tables showing the top six clubs at the end of December and at the end of the season


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