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The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer

The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer

Ref No: 9781570281822

Details: Author: David A. Whitsett, Forrest A. Dolgener and Tanjala

Type: Books

RRP: £14.99
Price: £12.99

Athlete, runner, marathoner: Are these words you wouldn't exactly use to describe yourself? Do you consider yourself too old or too out of shape to run a marathon? But somewhere deep inside have you always admired the people who could reach down and come up with the mental and physical strength to complete such a daunting and rewarding accomplishment? It doesn't have to be somebody else crossing the finish line. You can be a marathoner."The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" is based on the highly successful marathon class offered by the University of Northern Iowa, which was featured in a Runner's World article titled "Marathoning 101." The class has been offered five times over 10 years, and all but one student finished the marathon. That is approximately 200 students - all first time marathoners and many with absolutely no running background.

This book follows the same 16-week, four-day-a-week workout plan. What makes the success rate of this program so much higher than any other? The special emphasis on the psychological aspects of endurance activities.You don't have to love to run - you don't even have to like it - but you have to realize that you are capable of more than you have ever thought possible. One participant in the program explained it like this: 'I'm doing this for me - not for others or the time clock.

I just feel better when I run, plus it helps me to cope with things in general. The skills we've learned in this class don't apply just to marathoning - they apply to life! Just like you never know what the next step in a marathon will bring, so too, you never know what will happen next in life. But if you don't keep going, you're never going to find out.

By staying relaxed, centered, and positive you handle just about anything that comes your way'. This is marathon running for real people, people with jobs and families and obligations outside of running. "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" has proven successful for men and women of all ages.


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