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The Lazy Runner

The Lazy Runner

Ref No: 9781909626928

Details: Author: Laura Fountain

Type: Books

RRP: £12.99
Price: £11.99

The Lazy Runner follows Laura Fountain from starting out as a novice runner - unfit, clueless about running, and incredibly lazy - to finishing her first marathon, and beyond. At first unable to run 400 metres without stopping, Laura has now completed five marathons, the most recent in under four hours. Along the way, Laura learns countless lessons about running, most of them the hard way.

But most importantly this self-confessed couch potato learns to love running. As well as offering inspiration and motivation to get out there and run, her book offers tips on how to make running easier and more enjoyable. Offering practical information on buying the right kit, choosing the best race and what to do on race day, it also tackles the important running questions you might be embarrassed to ask - like when will it get easier? And what happens if I need the toilet?


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