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Knuckle: A Brutal True Story

Knuckle: A Brutal True Story

Ref No: 9780007467037

Details: Auhtor; James Quinn McDonagh

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

Irish travellers live in a closed community. What we think we know about them is based on hearsay, rumour and stereotype. But not any more.Knuckle is the true story of James Quinn McDonagh - clan head and champion bare-knuckle fighter.

It's a journey from his grandfather's horse-drawn caravan at the side of the road to the country lanes of Ireland where he stood, fists bloodied and bandaged, fighting a clan war that he never asked for.Two men, two neutral referees, a country lane. No gloves, no biting, no rests. The last man standing wins, takes home the money, and more importantly, the bragging rights.Caught in a brutal cycle of violence that has left men dead, houses burned and lives destroyed, James tells a story that opens up a hidden world - revealing why history repeats itself, and why he can never go home..

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