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Kicking off in North Korea

Kicking off in North Korea

Ref No: 9781784612443

Details: Author: Tim Hartley

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

Kicking off in North Korea: Football and Friendship in Foreign Lands

Travel Junkie Tim Hartley is a man with a thirst for understanding the modern world, or worlds, we live in. He is equally at home herding reindeer with the last of the Sami people, or watching soccer with a silent crowrd of 50,000 in North Korea. Whether he is getting lost in a favela in Brazil driving his Mom around Great Britain, Hartley casts a piercing and sometimes judgmental eye on the kaleidoscopic world around him. This book is one man's attempt to make sense of globalization, his beloved game of soccer, and his own place in the world. Hartley can be serious when he is discussing blood feuds in Albania and hilarious when he ""does"" Mexico in 5-star luxury with his wife. We meet his seven-year-old son Chester for a child's-eye view of the Palestinian question in Beirut, and then follow them both to east London twelve years later where the son has a lesson for his dad. In these uplifting travel diaries Hartley crosses the world in search of authentic stories and people. More often than not, he finds them. With color plates.

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