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Toddy - The Colin Todd Story (HB)

Toddy - The Colin Todd Story (HB)

Ref No: 9781859836149

Details: Authors: Colin Todd / Jim Brown

Type: Books

RRP: £16.99
Price: £4.99

Colin Todd is a football man from the old school.  He was brought up in the North East of England, a well known hot bed of soccer. Colin has enjoyed a career spanning over forty years in our national game.   He played over seven-hundred and fifty games at the highest level, including twenty-seven full caps for his country. Working under such famous Managers as Brian Clough (3 times!) Dave MacKay and Sir Alf Ramsay to name but a few, he learnt the managerial ropes prior to stepping to the breach at Middlesborough.

Two champion-ship medals at his beloved Derby County, he also won the coveted PFA player of the year award in 1974.  Colin has seen and studied all aspects of our beautiful game.  At heart a strong family man he has recently taken up the post of first team Manager in the Danish League, the latest chapter in what has been a magnificent career in football.  Colin maintains remarkable enthusiasm for the game which is evident throughout this autobiography.

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