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Gerard Houllier: The Liverpool Revolution (HB)

Gerard Houllier: The Liverpool Revolution (HB)

Ref No: 9781852270674

Details: Author:Stephen F. Kelly

Type: Books

Price: £18.99

"Gerard who?" was the question Liverpool fans asked when a rather academic-looking Frenchman arrived at Anfield in the summer of 1998 to partner Roy Evans. They soon found out, although not before the uneasy pairing with Evans had ended in tears. Many more questions were posed early on, particularly when Gerard Houllier brought in a number of players very few had ever heard of. Could this really be the man who had masterminded France's famous victory in the World Cup and who was promising to turn Liverpool into a world-beating side? After six months, Houllier decided that Anfield needed the biggest shake-up since the days of Bill Shankly. In his time at Liverpool the Frenchman has overturned many of the old bootroom traditions, revolutionizing training methods, banning alcohol, introducing new dietary codes and ridding the club of the Spice Boy image that had dogged it throughout much of the 1990s. He has sold most of the players he inherited and even had the audacity to sell Kop idol Robbie Fowler. Off the pitch too, a sharper commercial attitude has been developed to bring Liverpool FC into the 21st century. Success may not have been immediate and many more doubts were raised about Houllier's ability, yet in just his second full season at the club Liverpool won a unique treble. When in February 2002 Houllier was rushed to hospital with heart problems, the world of football held its breath. But five months later he returned to bask in the warmth and admiration of the Kop. This is the story of Houllier's revolution and the man who has brought the glory days back to Anfield.

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