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Norwich City (Head to Head) (HB)

Norwich City (Head to Head) (HB)

Ref No: 9781859834602

Details: Author: Peter Waring

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

Breedon changed the face of football publishing in the 1980s with their seminal series of Complete Record books and have carried on producing high-quality sports books ever since. Now they are making a landmark return to the field of football statistics with a new, refreshing way of looking at teams from across the country: the Head to Head series. The book reveals for the first time how a team has performed on a club by club basis. against every club they've ever played, in any competition, since the club entered the Football League. From Altrincham to York City, the complete record of matches against each club is looked at in detail and illustrated with pictures. There's also a table of players who've played for both clubs and a 'fact file' highlighting the most surprising nuggets to be gleaned from this fresh way of interpreting the club's statistics. Unique, entertaining and accessibly presented, these books will be a welcome addition to the shelves of sports fans across the UK.

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