Rooney Tunes (HB)

Rooney Tunes (HB)

Ref No: 9781844542680

Details: Author: Mike Parry

Type: Books

RRP: £17.99
Price: £15.99

He's the most talented striker in Britain  'if not the world'  today.   He has been likened to football legend Pele and has burst onto the international scene with a blistering performance in Euro 2004.  At just 20 years old he has given his international side the cohesion and the drive that they need to propel them to the top of any tournament.   Wayne Rooney has truly become England's hero.

This book contains everything that any fan would ever want to know about this exceptional young man: from his early family life and childhood kickarounds in the park, to his apprenticeship with the Everton youth team, his love for girlfriend Colleen, despite several indiscretions, and how he has coped with suddenly being thrust into the harsh glare of the world's media. This is a must-read for any football fan; with wonderful interviews with the star himself!

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