Club 92

Club 92

Ref No: 9781526200266

Details: Author: Nikolaos Vlachos

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

"Doing the 92" the demanding act of visiting the grounds of all teams in English professional football. The completion of this mission is one that requires an utmost level of commitment and discipline and a clear passion and appetite for the beautiful game. A task undertaken by thousands of fans around the country, giving a great deal of satisfaction to those who manage to complete it. Doing so in a single season though, takes it to another level.

Join Nikolaos Vlachos, a passionate Greek fan of the English game, on his arduous journey across all 92 grounds during the 2014/15 football season; documenting his experiences travelling to and from each and every areana across the land, meeting fans from all walks of life, learning of the clubs' histories, observing the culture and obsession with this popular pastime and witnessing some of the entertaining games this country has to offer.

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