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England (Foul Football)

England (Foul Football)

Ref No: 9780439954709

Details: Author: Michael Coleman

Type: Books

Price: £4.99

Michael Coleman tackles the foul and fabulous history of one of our great national sides, from the first international match against Scotland in 1872 to the present day. Stuffed full of stats including the best and worst players and managers, matches, goal-scorers, defeats and wins, England covers the glory days of the 1960s, the highs and lows of the 70s and 80s and brings us bang up to date with the reign of Sven and his men. Readers can test their trivia knowledge in the painful penalties and shocking shirts quizzes and re-create the magic matches with their mates. Plus they'll meet the England All-stars, including the triumphant team of 66. It's a nail-biting tale - right up to the final whistle, so if you want to be in the game, get Foul Football.

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