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Swanny - In a Spin! (DVD)

Swanny - In a Spin! (DVD)

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Price: £14.99

England s newest skipper and Sultan of Spin , and wanted man down under, Graeme Swann, goes on a wry old romp through cricket s craziest moments and fiercest rivalries!

Cricket really is in a spin!

Ireland are winning World Cup games, Lord s dressing room windows are being shattered, England have thrashed the Aussies down under for the first time in over 20 years and whitewashed the Indians for the first time in over 35 years....just for starters...

Witty, hilarious, and an expert at the England Team s new dance craze, The Sprinkler , Swanny gives his unique spin on the best, worst, and most bizarre moments through the history of the wonderful game. From dazzling dismissals and brilliant batting, to inept run outs and trips in the slips. SWANNY, IN A SPIN! will feature the all-time greats and greatest moments as you ve never seen them before!

And of course Swanny has one or two things to say about the old foe, the Aussies ....sledging at its greatest!

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