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Never Another Saturday: The Final Year at Belle Vue (HB)

Never Another Saturday: The Final Year at Belle Vue (HB)

Ref No: 9781859836057

Details: Author: Tony Bluff & Steve Uttley

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

Tony Bluff providing the text and Steve Uttley, taking the photographs, have produced a book to record life at the club during the final twelve months in the life of a Stadium, Belle Vue, that had been the home of Doncaster Rovers for 84 years. Many people will lament it's passing but old age had finally caught up with the grand old lady and it was time to move on. Tony and Steve have previously co-operated when compiling a pictorial record of the history of Belle Vue in the "Book of Belle Vue" and this book will augment that publication by providing the final chapter to the history of a football ground that will live in the memory of the fans who have passed through it's portals. Recording the build up to the demise of the Stadium proved to be an emotional journey for the authors, which culminated at the Final game in the old eyes being somewhat moist. The book provides a fascinating photographic record of the Stadium for posterity, all of which will evoke many memories, particularly of the final game against Nottingham Forest.The thousands of people who have spent their Saturday afternoons watching their team play at the Stadium will, of course, have their own memories of Belle Vue and the dramas that have taken place there so the photographic record in this book will enhance that memory when conversations at work or over a pint at the pub turn to nostalgia whenever the mention of Belle Vue crops up. For the generations to come who will never know Belle Vue it will be a record of times past.

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