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Paul Le Guen - Enigma

Paul Le Guen - Enigma

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When Paul Le Guen was appointed the new manager of Rangers in May 2006, the news stunned French football and was greeted with fevered excitement in Scotland. Rangers supporters were beside themselves at the news that the 'Coming Man' of European football coaches - the so-called 'new Arsene Wenger' - was on his way to Ibrox.

Le Guen had been phenomenally successful with Lyon, winning three successive championships, and David Murray, an embattled Rangers chairman, hailed him as 'a massive moonbeam' heading towards the club. The marriage of Le Guen and Rangers lasted seven months and ended in disaster.

By Christmas, Rangers lagged 17 points behind great rivals Celtic in the league and Le Guen's team played every type of football: good, bad and ugly. After 200 days in the job, the Frenchman simply walked away. Yet, many Rangers fans still admire and respect Le Guen, and ask why it was that one of Europe's best young coaches couldn't succeed at Ibrox.

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