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Get In There! - Tommy Lawton My Friend, My Father (HB)

Get In There! - Tommy Lawton My Friend, My Father (HB)

Ref No: 9781907637001

Details: Authors: Barrie williams / Tom Lawton Jnr

Type: Books

Price: £16.99

The Triumphs and Torment of England's Greatest Goal Scorer. Tom Lawton Junior never saw his Dad play football.  If he had done he would have witnessed England's greatest goalscorer firing them in from all angles for Burnley, Everton, Chelsea, Notts County and Arsenal.   In "Get in There" (which Lawton would famously shout as he scored), Tom and his Dad's great friend, former Nottingham Evening Post editor Barrie Williams, have pieced together the story of Tommy Lawton's remarkable life.

Packed with wonderful memories and anecdotes, the book brings the story of Tommy Lawton to life.  The tough, working class background, the emerging talent, playing for Burnley aged 16, signing for Everton and practising headers for hours with the great Dixie Dean, starring in England's greatest ever attack alongside Stanley Matthews and Stan Mortenson.  Beyond Tommy, it encapsulates a footballing heyday when the players played for a few shillings a week, smoked cigarettes at half-time and went on holiday to Blackpool if they were lucky.  Pulling on numerous personal memories from both authors, "Get In There" is a fitting tribute to the memory of the great Tommy Lawton and a superbly written trip down football's memory lane. Tommy Lawton scored an unprecedented 22 goals for England in just 23 appearances in a career interrupted by World War II.

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