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Life is a Game of Inches (HB)

Life is a Game of Inches (HB)

Ref No: 9781904091448

Details: Author: Christian Roberts & James Leighton

Type: Books

Price: £16.99

Life is a Game of Inches is the rollercoaster account of Cardiff City, Exeter City, Bristol City and Swindon Town footballer Christian Roberts. Amongst the glory of getting called up for Wales and delighting fans with his skills came the misery of alcohol addiction, gambling, losing a daughter and falling out with a succession of managers and players. Christian blows the lid off the sanctuary of the dressing room with tales of fighting, debauchery and drinking competitions. He also recalls the times he played whilst drunk and how on international duty Welsh manager, Mark Hughes, caught him legless behind a bar. Christian's alcoholism also ripped apart his family. He speaks frankly of leaving his 7-year old son sobbing on the sofa, with a broken leg, so that he could go to the pub and of throwing a pint glass at his wife when she desperately tried to stop him drinking. Ultimately Christian's alcoholism left him on the brink of losing his career, money, family and even his life. But after checking into the Sporting Chance clinic he seemed to turn his life around and was back playing the best football of his career under manager, Dennis Wise, at Swindon Town. Unfortunately, just as his life was back on track; a knee injury forced Christian to retire at the age of 28 and then tragically his Dad died of cancer. These events conspired to lead Christian on a gambling spree that would see him lose every penny he had earned and would also lead to his marriage falling apart. Having lost everything Christian moved back to the council estate where he grew up to face his new life single, jobless and broke. However,

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