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Harry Potts: Margaret's Story (HB)

Harry Potts: Margaret's Story (HB)

Ref No: 9781899807413

Details: Author: Dave Thomas & Margaret Potts

Type: Books

Price: £17.99

Harry Potts was a manager on a par with legends like Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Bill Nicholson. He brought unprecedented success to small-town Burnley, under the chairmanship of the notorious Bob Lord. This is his story written from his wife’s point of view. It’s a love story as well as a football book. Imargaret, who died in late 2009, three years after the book was published, writes bravely about the problems she suffered throughout her marriage with her husband’s mother, her brushes with small-town attitudes and the love story which started in the harsh winter of 1947 when Burnley FC gave her a lift on their coach from Manchester. Dave Thomas supplies the football side of Harry Potts’ career by talking to many of the men who played under him.

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