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You Don't Know Me, But ...: A Footballer's Life (HB)

You Don't Know Me, But ...: A Footballer's Life (HB)

Ref No: 9781471128547

Details: Author: Clarke Carlisle

Type: Books

Price: £16.99

In the summer of 2012, Clarke Carlisle, after 15 years as a professional footballer, was without a contract and wondering if he still had a future in the game. With a growing media profile, thanks to his appearances on Question Time and an acclaimed documentary on racism in football, there were plenty of other opportunities, but he was determined to give it another go. Initially signing for York City before moving to Northampton Town, Carlisle was soon back in the thick of the action, with a date at Wembley awaiting him at the end of the season. As the events of the year unfolded, Carlisle looked back at his career, from his early days playing for England Under-21s, through career-threatening injuries and a battle with alcohol problems, to a late arrival in the Premier League with Burnley. As chairman of the PFA, Carlisle is a much-respected figure in the game; his raw honesty and penetrating insights will make readers view the game, and those who play it, in a whole new light.

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