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No Bull: The Lee Bullen Story (HB)

No Bull: The Lee Bullen Story (HB)

Ref No: 9781904091752

Details: Author: Lee Bullen & Alan Biggs

Type: Books

Price: £16.99

Lee Bullen has lived and played football around the world. He worked his passage, often doing other work, and only made the game his sole living late in his career. That fulfilled the dream that had led a young Lee to say a tearful farewell to his family in Scotland and fly to Australia. What started as a fleeting adventure led to him playing in Hong Kong and Greece before finally making the grade in England, which had long been his ambition. Bullen had his fair share of heartbreaks along the way especially losing in the Scottish Cup Final with Dunfirmline Athletic but all of those were wiped away when he led Sheffield Wednesday to promotion in front of more than 40,000 of their fans at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Following his playing career, Lee moved into coaching, initially as assistant coach with Falkirk. He's now back at Sheffield Wednesday as development coach beside being a partner in an estate agency.

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