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Two Falls, Two Submissions or a Knockout (HB)

Two Falls, Two Submissions or a Knockout (HB)

Ref No: 9781903158586

Details: Author: Judo" Al Marquette

Type: Books

Price: £14.95

Remember those lazy Saturday afternoons of yesteryear when wrestling dominated World of Sport between 4 and 5pm? Who could forget the likes of Mick McManus, Adrian Street and especially Big Daddy, with his mocking chant of "Easy, easy, easy!" as he performed the Big Splash on some hapless opponent?

Now, for the first time, one of the men who was at the forefront of televised wrestling – ‘Judo’ Al Marquette – lifts the lid on those heady days of a sport filled with men we loved to hate. From the early days of the much-loved commentator Kent Walton, through to the suave sophistication of World of Sport presenter Dickie Davies – Marquette, who fought and beat all the top names in many of his 4,000-plus bouts, leaves no stone unturned.

Tracing the very roots of professional wrestling from Manchester’s ‘Blood Tub’, to sold out shows at the Royal Albert Hall, and on to the bright lights of ITV and viewing audiences of millions, find out what made the men in the ring tick and about their adventures in and outside the great wrestling venues around the UK.

Tales of fantastic bouts, detailed mini biographies of all the fighters, as well as the many characters, celebrities and referees who made the sport so popular, Two Falls, Two Submissions or a Knockout is the complete story of British wrestling, affectionately - and sometimes hilariously - told in this semi-autobiographical account of the sport in its heyday.

Turn back the clock and recall those fantastic days when 4-5pm Saturday meant only one thing...

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