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This is the first formal study of pick-ups in judo ever made-and therefore is a milestone in judo literature. This may appear strange because many of the throws in this book have formal Japanese names and a long-standing tradition in judo. Yet, the truth is that despite this history, few of these attacks have been regarded as classical techniques to compare with seoi- nage or uchimata.

The traditional view is that while throws such as morote-gari and sukui-nage are seen regularly in competition at all levels, they have been seen as an adjunct to the main body of judo techniques-barely tolerated imports from other combat systems such as wrestling or Russian Sambo.

However, the last 30 years-since judo became an Olympic sport-certain outstanding exponents have demonstrated that pick-ups are truly effective tools in the hands of a skilled competitor. They have been developed into genuine techniques, with a wide range of variations, gripping possibilities, combinations and counters.

Few champions are more qualified to undertake this first account of Pick-Ups than Robert van de Walle, the Belgian light-heavy weight who has become almost a legend in his own time. He had an extraordinary contest career, winning the Olympic title in 1980, numerous other medals and titles throughout the decade, and a bronze medal at the World Championships in 1989 although he was already in his mid-thirties.

Van de Walle's premise has always been that morote- gari and other pick-ups, when performed well, do not need excessive power; and he proved it by making them work not only within his own weight category, but against much heavier opponents in open weight category events as well.

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