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Online Poker

Online Poker

Ref No: 9781580421324

Details: Author: Doyle Brunson

Type: Books

Price: £9.95

The world's greatest poker player, two-time world champion Doyle Brunson, shows you a fast and powerful way to win big-time money online - or play for free. Two recent champions earned their gold bracelets playing online poker; this book may help you to be the next one! Everything you need to be successful playing online poker is included. From the basics of getting started - the rules of the games, best sites to play, and online safety features - to the winning strategies of poker, including hold'em and 7-card stud) and online-specific strategies, Doyle shows you the real truth about bluffing, and how to extract more money against online players - they're weaker! - to earn more profits. You also receive a bonus CD featuring an exclusive online heads-up match between Doyle and Mike Caro with hand-by-hand strategy advice and winning tips.

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