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The One Minute Golfer (HB)

The One Minute Golfer (HB)

Ref No: 9780007182084

Details: Author: Ken Blanchard

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

Tried-and-tested techniques for enjoying the great game more.

The One Minute Manager is a book that has sold a staggering 12 million copies in 27 languages and has become the world's most popular management method. Ten years ago, its co-author Ken Blanchard applied his winning approach to his other favourite subject, founding The Golf University in San Diego and penning this fool-proof bestselling book.

Now published outside the USA for the first time, The One Minute Golfer contains a series of tried-and-tested techniques for improving your game. Ken Blanchard explains how you can take the same methods that are highly effective in business and adapt them with astonishing success to the golf course. Using training techniques that have been tested with players from beginners to low handicappers, The One Minute Golfer shows how simple exercises in clear thinking and a positive mental attitude will heighten your enjoyment of golf while also improving your game.

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