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Golf and Life

Golf and Life

Ref No: 9780312323073

Details: Author: Jack Nicklaus

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

Life is like the game of golf, with triumphs and failures, highs and lows, and achievements against the odds. Who better to teach the lessons of golf and life than Jack Nicklaus, a man acclaimed as the greatest golfer the game has seen? With boundless wisdom accumulated through a career spanning half a century, Jack Nicklaus not only shares his pointers for success in life but, gives invaluable tips on how to improve one's golf game. As Nicklaus says: "Not everyone will be a champion, but everyone can win, some place, some time - if they know how to win." And he provides the all-important how, with essential lessons that include: - Listening and Learning - How to Turn Stress into Success - The Ten Secrets of Long-Living People - The Importance of ACE: Activity, Coping and Eating. This book has the power and wisdom to change the reader's life, and shave a stroke or two from a handicap.

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