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Pocket Golf Rules

Pocket Golf Rules

Ref No: 9780007117192

Details: Author: Jonathan Vickers

Type: Books

Price: £5.99

An invaluable guide to the most common rules a golfer is likely to encounter on the golf course.

Pocket Golf Rules forms a concise and practical reference source to the rules as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. The book also acts as a guide to any infringements and penalties that may occur as a result of breaking the rules.

Aimed at both the beginner and regular club golfer, the book follows the progress of two players of differing ability and the different situations which they experience over nine holes of a course. The implications of each rule they encounter, or breach, are explored before the players move on to the next hole.

Pocket Golf Rules contains the most recent updates to the rules while illustrations demonstrate those that come into play most often. It is a must for any player who wants to save time and arguments on one of the most trying aspects of the game.

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