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Undercover Golf

Undercover Golf

Ref No: 9781931686723

Details: Author: Joe Borgenicht & R. D. Robinson

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Do minor obligations like family, work, and errands get in the way of your golf game? Has the weather (or your spouse) prohibited you from hitting the links? Fret no more. Time spent off the course doesn't have to be time spent off your game. Undercover Golf is your guide to perfecting your stance, your swing, your aim, and your putt no matter where you are, without your co-workers or significant other any the wiser. Author Joe Borgenicht and golf pro Richard Robinson have developed their exclusive training program to teach you how to practice in the office, in your car, at the gym, and in the home. You'll learn how to: Train your right hand grip while hanging shirts Assess your body and ball lines while washing your hands Start with your hips while talking at the water cooler Practice inside arm/knee pressure while hugging And more essentials every golf addict needs to get through a day off the links. No one has to know you're doing it - in fact, they'll think you're paying more attention at meetings or performing more chores around the house. Whether you're just learning the game or are hoping to lower your handicap, Undercover Golf is the book for you. You'll see an improvement in your game on your very next trip to the links - guaranteed!

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