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Marcus Hahnemann's Premiership Diary (HB)

Marcus Hahnemann's Premiership Diary (HB)

Ref No: 9781905449330

Details: Author: Marcus Hahnemann

Type: Books

Price: £16.99

Relive Reading's incredible first season in the hothouse of the Premiership through the eyes of the team's biggest character, USA international goalkeeper, Marcus Hahnemann.  Whether it be dressing up to pose for the "Mirror" as Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi to face the mighty Darth Vader (Sir Alex Ferguson) and the forces of the "Dark Side" (Manchester United) or explaining the stresses and strains of being both a top flight footballer and a devoted father, Marcus Hahnemann reveals everything about his season in the sun.

The Diary begins during the build up to the season, after Reading have won promotion from the Championship by lifting the title with a record number of points. Marcus then watches the USA's 2006 World Cup campaign from the bench and describes the bloodbath against Italy which saw them become the only team to score against the eventual Champions until the final. Opening Premiership day sees Middlesbrough take a two goal lead, but an incredible fight back sets the scene for an equally incredible season. Reading are off. Reading's glorious campaign sees them score six against West Ham on New Year's Day, defeat Spurs, Man City, West Ham and Bolton and draw at Chelsea.  But there is the odd moment of controversy, particularly when the Champions and Mr Mourinho come calling. Marcus stood and watched two Chelsea goalkeepers knocked unconscious, one life-threateningly so, and he reveals his thoughts on the danger of his profession and about the histrionics that followed as Mourinho launched a controversial, scathing attack on Reading FC, the players concerned and the Berkshire ambulance service.  Marcus too has to relax, and he discusses his love of heavy metal music and his celebrity rock mates (no, not members of Atomic Kitten or Girls Aloud, but the band, Tool). He also loves souping up sports cars, races them round dirt tracks and then pops down to the Madejski Stadium to face Thierry Henry and Arsenal. Marcus' wife, Amanda, also reveals how being a WAG in Reading does not mean the same as being Mrs Beckham or Mrs Rooney.  Her charity work, devotion to her family and support for her husband are an extremely pleasant change from all that posing for the glossies which certain other footballer's wives live for!  This is no ordinary couple, and yet they are just that, a down-to-earth family, who live in an ordinary street and have to cope with the same problems as anyone, including how to get their kids into the best scout group in the area! Regularly featured on "Match of The Day", Sky Sports, and Radio FiveLive, the outspoken American has already made half the country fall in love with his honesty and love of playing the game.  The other half will join them after reading this funny and frank account of Reading's incredible first Premiership season.

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