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Dad's Army: How Freuchie Took Cricket by Storm (HB)

Dad's Army: How Freuchie Took Cricket by Storm (HB)

Ref No: 9781903158678

Details: Author: Neil Drysdale

Type: Books

RRP: £16.95
Price: £7.99

Dad's Army - How Freuchie took Cricket by storm tells the remarkable story of how the cricketers of a little Scottish village marched all the way to Lord's and won the National Village Cup in 1985. Despite their tiny population of 1476, Freuchie captured the nation's imagination with a startling victory, against all the odds. 639 clubs began the campaign with hopes of reaching cricket's spiritual home, but the Scots ultimately lifted the trophy after a nail-biting success against Rowledge of Surrey, which saw kilts, bagpipes and whisky galore invade north west London.
"Dad" was, and is, Dave Christie, the Freuchie captain, who, at 68, has cemented his place in sporting history and has spent the last 50 years preaching cricket's gospel across his homeland, where the sport is remarkably vibrant as Scotland's secret game. Dad's Army features interviews with all the leading personnel in the Freuchie triumph, and includes contributions from the likes of Ian Botham, who became the club's honorary patron, Andy Goram, the former Rangers and Manchester United goalkeeper, and other leading personalities who were caught up in the Freuchie frenzy. Anybody who has ever regarded cricket as being an English preserve will have their perceptions shattered by this story of a group of amateur cricketers shattering taboos, making history (and risking cirrhosis of the liver).
In the build-up to an Ashes series, Dad's Army relates another side to cricket, and Ian Botham tells of how he celebrated Freuchie's win with the Fifers in the midst of a Test match against Australia. It is an inspiring, poignant, funny, tale of small-town players bursting into the limelight.

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