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Big Brother - The Derek Ferguson Story

Big Brother - The Derek Ferguson Story

Ref No: 9781845961625

Details: Author: Derek Ferguson / Bill Leckie

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

At the age of 16, he was in the Rangers first team. At 21, he was playing for Scotland. Derek Ferguson's childhood dream had come true - or so you'd think. But here's the reality that goes with the dream: a career derailed by the death of his baby daughter and the near nervous breakdown that followed; knees wrecked almost as badly as the pension fund that fell into a stock-market black hole; endless regrets at walking out on a proper education; the gnawing fear of the day he'd finally have to join the real world; and through it all, the promise to himself that the same wasn't going to happen to his wee brother.

Twenty years ago, starstruck kids queued to ask for Derek's autograph. Today, they ask: 'Are you related to Barry?' He's always proud to say yes, just as he's proud to know he helped make sure Barry also has the fortune - and the MBE - to go with his fame. "Big Brother" is a journey that takes you deeper into the inner sanctum of the dressing-room than ever before.

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