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Women, Football and Europe

Women, Football and Europe

Ref No: 9781841262253

Details: Author: Jonathan Magree

Type: Books

Price: £19.95

It is undeniable that Association football is a global game with huge popularity. Yet what is known as 'women's football' receives far less support, financial assistance, media coverage and academic attention than the men's game. Consequently the story of women's football remains largely untold and its potential as a sports-related discussion is yet to be fulfilled. "Women, Football and Europe" is a collection of essays that contributes new knowledge on women's football. Volume 1 deals with historical aspects of the game, equality issues, and the experiences of those involved, while volume 2 looks at individual topics such as the 2005 UEFA Women's Championships, the pressures and constraints on female coaches, and the key issues affecting the development of the women's game in England and Europe.

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