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Soccer Training for Goalkeepers

Soccer Training for Goalkeepers

Ref No: 9781841261867

Details: Author: Klaus Bischops, Heinz-Willi Gerards & Jurgen Wallraff

Type: Books

Price: £12.95

In the last few years, there is no other position on the soccer field that has seen so many deep-rooted changes as seen in goalkeeping. Good reflexes on the goal line and superb control of the penalty zone by the goalkeeper used to be the main characteristics of this position. Nowadays, however, additional skills are demanded because, in the new role of the goalkeeper, he must have good ball skills and he must be in a position to be able to 'read' the game and put structure into the play from the rear. This new function of the goalkeeper requires a further development of the training emphasis. In 50 training lessons, coordination exercises, fitness and preparation tips for the game for all age groups, trainers and exercise leaders as well as the goalkeeper are shown the possibilities of being able to improve the performance capabilities of the Number 1. Modern training methods ensure the best chance of success on the route to being an 'all-rounder'. It is for all age groups

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