The Art of Coaching

The Art of Coaching

Ref No: 9781782550495

Details: Author: Jay Martin

Type: Books

Price: £14.95

This book explores the Craft and Art of Coaching. Based in Kansas City, KS, the NSCAA is the largest soccer coaches' organization in the world. Since its founding in 1941 it has grown to include more than 30,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport. In addition to a national rankings program for colleges and high schools, NSCAA offers an extensive recognition program that presents nearly 10,000 individual awards every year. The NSCAA continues their successful book series "The Best of Soccer Journal" with this new highly anticipated entry in the instructional soccer book field. The best coaches in the US describe how they get it done on the field. In addition, this book explores the 'Last Frontier' - the mental side of the game. Successful players and coaches must train the mind as well as the body to succeed and master the game!

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