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Soccer Training for Women and Girls

Soccer Training for Women and Girls

Ref No: 9781841260976

Details: Author: Klaus Bischops & Heinz-Willi Gerards

Type: Books

Price: £8.95

Girls' and women's soccer has now become an integral part in sports for females. Especially in the USA, girls' and women's soccer is on the way to becoming the number one sport. But this is in no way a simple imitation of men's soccer, because the young female athletes bring a lot of playing sense to the game. Girls, too, love to score, accept one-on-ones and are quick and fit. The focus points of this work are practice-oriented training units which offer practicing and playing with the ball. Each unit - divided into warm-up, focus point and the implementation in the game - is laid out according to the players' ages. Besides a purposeful increase of performance, fun is always a central objective. This work should be useful for the planning and implementation of training for every coach or sports instructor.

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