Learning: Soccer

Learning: Soccer

Ref No: 9781841261300

Details: Author: Katrin Barth & Ullrich Zempel

Type: Books

Price: £9.95

Soccer is "in", and even the youngest children don't just want to kick the ball around. They want to know everything about their favourite sport. Billy, "the magic mouse", accompanies children through this book and talks about all you need to know about soccer. The book answers questions on soccer gear, regulations, soccer clubs, the history of soccer, and everything else children are interested in. Basic techniques are explained so they are easily understood, and suggestions are made to promote independent practice. Billy's quizzes and puzzles, as well as opportunities for filling out and colouring in, make this book a constant companion for young soccer players. And then it's time to get outside and onto the soccer field to practice all the things Billy suggested.

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