Master the Game: Striker

Master the Game: Striker

Ref No: 9780340928387

Details: Author: Paul Broadbent & Andy Allen

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

The Master the Game: Striker is THE must-have guide for any footballer who wants to perfect this essential position. Step-by-step, instructions and proven practices and training drills will allow players of all levels to learn and refine vital techniques in a progressive and enjoyable way.


In no time at all you will learn all you need to know to maximise your potential and performance as a footballer - equipment, tactics, training, fitness, nutrition, development and psychology.


This book includes key advice and tips from the leading players, managers and coaches in the sport. With this guide you will soon be at the cutting edge of your game.


Other titles in the Master the Game series: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder.

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