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The Official FA Guide for Football Parents

The Official FA Guide for Football Parents

Ref No: 9780340816028

Details: Author: Les Howie

Type: Books

Price: £8.99

The official guides to success on and off the pitch.'




This Official Football Association series provides invaluable and essential advice and information about key football skills for anyone involved in football, of any age and level. The books are especially aimed at those involved in grassroots football, who may not have the back up and help that they might need to realise the full potential of their involvement in the game. Each book in this series is packed with practical exercises and features, information and expert advice, which will improve your understanding and enhance your ability and enjoyment of the world's greatest game.




A straightforward, lively and practical guide, this book gives advice on choosing a club and being involved in it, plus chapters on sharing the football interest with your child and being a 'garden coach'.




Detailing the childs's expectations of their 'football parents' and vice versa and dealing with the important issue of maintaining teenage interest, it offers a spectrum of expert advice, essential to any parent or adult interested in football.




'Be a part of the game.

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