Nottingham Forest Cult Heroes

Nottingham Forest Cult Heroes

Ref No: 9781908051653

Details: Author: David McVay

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

Nottingham Forest Cult Heroes is devoted to those players who, over the years, have won a special place in the hearts of the City Ground faithful - not necessarily the greatest footballers, but a unique brotherhood of mavericks and stalwarts, local lads and big signings. The cast list alone is enough to stir up the memories and tug at the heartstrings of any Forest fan - Anderson, Ardron and Burns, Baker, Collymore and Newton - recalling how these charismatic personalities used to ignite passion on the terraces. Find out which red-and-white icon drunkenly smashed through the window of a C&A department store. Whose war was spent fighting hand to hand in the Burmese jungle. Who used to leapfrog Mini cars in the car park, and "who lived out of a chip pan"! Discover and delight in the magical qualities of these 20 mere mortals elevated to cult status on Trentside.

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