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Postcards from the Edge of Football (HB)

Postcards from the Edge of Football (HB)

Ref No: 9781845965587

Details: Author: Hunter Davies

Type: Books

Price: £20.00

Picture postcards have been in existence almost as long as professional football, but no one has brought the two together until now. In Postcards from the Edge of Football, distinguished football writer Hunter Davies explores the history of the game through soccer cards in their various forms.


This expansive collection illustrates the heroic players, the great clubs and the most memorable events, while also illuminating the lesser-known teams and players to feature on postcards. Everything from the arrival of new strips to the latest fashions and the rise of women footballers is documented, and, in a wider context, the social history of football and its importance in our national life can be identified, as can the changing attitudes towards the game and its history.


The golden age of postcards was from 1900 to the 1930s, when millions of them were sent by all social classes. There were photographic studios in every high street, and travelling photographers would capture teams or individuals in their best strip; then copies would be sent on to family and friends.


While the football-postcard phenomenon has been eclipsed in recent years by modern technology, these cards remain sought after by collectors. With Postcards from the Edge of Football, Hunter Davies has produced an intriguing, lavishly illustrated history of the football postcard that will appeal to soccer fans and the general reader alike.

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