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Perry Groves' Football Heroes (HB)

Perry Groves' Football Heroes (HB)

Ref No: 9781844546084

Details: Author: Perry Groves

Type: Books

Price: £17.99

Following the success of his autobiography, everyone's favourite cult football icon Perry Groves is back, pen in hand, to deliver his latest opus."Perry Groves' Football Heroes" is his collection of the twenty players he has idolised in front of the television, marvelled at from the stands, tussled with on the pitch and drank with in the bar. Pele's in there, so is Bobby Moore...and what all-time player list would be complete without Terry Hurlock?More than just a collection of great players, Perry explains in his own inimitable way exactly why these players made the cut. So, while Pele would make everyone's list for his amazing goal-scoring feats, Perry can't help but admire the Brazilian's drug of choice - Viagra - to guarantee he still keeps scoring despite pushing 70!From Cryuff's turn and 20-a-day habit to Brazilian maestro Ronaldinho, who still manages to be the best player in the world despite being a fixture on the Barcelona party circuit; and from the flamboyant skills, poetry and kung-fu fighting of Eric Cantona to the va-va-voom of Thierry Henry, Perry has a host of great players from the history of the game - from the 1960s up to the present day - and from all corners of the globe. Packed full of facts and uproarious stories from the man himself, "Perry Groves' Football Heroes" is guaranteed to have you believing, just for a little while, that We All Live in a Perry Groves World.

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