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The 90-Minute Manager

The 90-Minute Manager

Ref No: 9780273708308

Details: Author: Prof Chris Brady & David Bolchover

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

The 90-Minute Manager: Lessons from the Sharp End of Management

"This book makes a convincing case that there are good lessons to be learned from the dugout." Management Today

" We're not one to gossip, but which manager was spotted in a Monte Carlopool this week ploughing through The 90-Minute Manager only weeks after getting his club relegated? And why, exactly, was he there with Fabien Barthez and international playboy Dave "Barry" Bassett?" The Guardian's Fiver email

Football is the setting for one of the purest forms of management - and the most transparent. In an age when club football is more of a business than ever before, suddenly it seems business is getting more and more like football: when talent is at a premium, the ability to attract and retain the very best people - and get the most out of them individually and collectively - is of paramount importance. What better time to learn the lessons from the very best - and worst - of the ultimate man management game.

In this book, Brady and Bolchover take each of the key areas of management today, and see what we can learn from football league managers of all levels, their style and methodology. From Shankley to Wenger, from Clough to Mourinho, through Keegan, Venables, Fergusonand O'Neill, strengths and weaknesses are examined to answer classic modern management questions, such as:

- what are the best strategies for dealing with brilliant but erratic people?
- does the best manger have to be both a great strategist and an inspirational motivator?
- what will make top talent want to work for you?
- what makes a great manager on a shoestring?
- what are the advantages of home grown versus imported talent?
- how important is the 'right-hand' man and what qualities make the very best pairing?
- should a team ever be built around a single outstanding individual?

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