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The Heart of the Game (HB)

The Heart of the Game (HB)

Ref No: 9780316730761

Details: Author: Jimmy Greaves

Type: Books

Price: £18.99

'Football isn't a matter of life and death,' Bill Shankly once famously said, ' it's much more important than that.' In The Heart of the Game, Jimmy Greaves looks back over his long association with the sport to give his take on all things football, and attempts to make sense of our undying passion for the beautiful game. How has how the game changed from its working class roots to its current celebrity-driven image? How do managers like Sir Alf Ramsey compare to the Svens of today? Why have England stopped producing great goalkeepers? How come the football of yesteryear was more physical, yet the footballer of today is more injury-prone? Drawing on both his knowledge and love of the game, this is Jimmy at his fascinating, witty and humorous best.

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