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Alan Hansen's Strangest Football Injuries (HB)

Alan Hansen's Strangest Football Injuries (HB)

Ref No: 9781906802387

Details: Author: Trinity Mirror Sport Media

Type: Books

Price: £8.99

From the country's top football pundit, Match of the Day's Alan Hansen, comes this hilarious collection of the most ridiculous, embarrassing, unfortunate and incredibly bizarre football injuries from around the world. Hansen has witnessed his fair share of injuries as a player and as a match analyst. They are common occurences on the pitch up and down the country every weekend at all levels of the game. Some are shocking, but you won't find anything too serious in this book. What you will find are hundreds of Alan's favourite mishaps, including gems such as...* Mo Johnston - falling off a rocking horse * Svein Grondalen - the Norwegian defender forced to miss an international match after colliding with a moose while out jogging * Alex Stepney - dislocating his jaw while shouting at his defenders * Richard Wright - falling out of his attic as he put cases back after his summer holidays * David Beckham - on the receiving end of a flying boot from Sir Alex Ferguson * Gordon Banks - and the dodgy bottle of beer that ruled him out of the World Cup * Rio Ferdinand - pulling a leg muscle watching TV for too long Not to mention the player...whose career was ended by a dog on the pitch...dislocated his shoulder while ironing. ..was tackled by a remote control...had his genitals injured by Iron Maiden...was felled by a hard-boiled egg...slipped putting the bins out...It's even got my dodgy toeA" - Gary Lineker

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