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The Referee's a W****r (HB)

The Referee's a W****r (HB)

Ref No: 9781844548897

Details: Author: Alex Shaw

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

When it comes to football chants, British fans must surely be top of the league. Throughout the country every weekend, football stadiums ring with the sound of hundreds of thousands of supporters singing the praises of their favourite players, rubbishing the opposition, having a go at the red and waxing lyrical about past legends. From lengthy ballads reminiscing about club glory to spontaneous chants - often with extremely amusing results - football fans across the nation revel in the opportunity to make themselves heard.
Chants can spring from deep-rooted rivalries - Arsenal and Spurs, Celtic and Rangers or Manchester United and Liverpool - or simply from the fact that a player (or in the case of the Neville brothers, their dad) has a funny name. Plundering the pop charts for tunes to set their ditties to, fans have come up with hundreds of hilarious, moving, clever and often downright scandalous songs. The Referee's a W****r brings together the most famous terrace favourites - from close-to-the-knuckle songs mocking religion and tragedy to brilliantly witty off-the-cuff chants and classics heard in just about every stadium in the land.
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