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Footynotes: The Ultimate Countdown of Football Trivia (HB)

Footynotes: The Ultimate Countdown of Football Trivia (HB)

Ref No: 9781906635169

Details: Author: Chris Kamara & Richard Digance

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

This book is the result of many Friday evenings during the football season when Chris Kamara, preparing himself for commentaries the following day, and Richard Digance met up for a few beers and long chats about the sport they love. Either at Richard's house in the south when Kammy was at Frattan Park or St Mary's the following day, or at Kammy's house in Wakefield where Richard would stop off en route to filming his numerous appearances on Channel 4's Countdown, they began piecing together the content for this book of football trivia.

Kammy is one of the most popular of Sky's football pundits as well as being an ex-player and manager at the top level. Richard enjoys the same passion for football having been a director of Yeovil Town and a lifelong fan of West Ham his place of birth.

The two football trivia fans apologise for any inaccuracies which they blame on the late hours or the empty cans as they researched this book long into the night on many occasions. Not all trivia can be totally true but they both stress nothing was intentionally made up apart from the fact that Chris Kamara played 100 times for England and has more money than Roman Abramovich and that Richard married one of The Spice Girls before turning down a lucrative deal with Leyton Orient.

Footynotes: The Ultimate Countdown of Football Trivia is packed full of the best footie trivia which is sure to enhance the reader's standing at dinner parties, on football terraces and at pub quizzes.

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