I Hate Football

I Hate Football

Ref No: 9781907219023

Details: Author: John Firth

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

It is easy to support a successful football team, but it takes guts, loyalty and a whole heap of stupidity to follow one of the also-rans. "I Hate Football" is the story of such a group of fans who are unfortunate enough to follow Sheffield Wednesday. It is a record of the fortunes of the club from 1970 through to 2009, as seen through the eyes of the fans; fans that live and breathe every kick. It recounts many scary, bizarre and incredibly funny incidents. Fear, ecstasy, despair, frustration, violence, hilarity, hatred and complete and utter joy are all in abundance in a book that most fans will totally understand and empathise with. In a nutshell, this is the autobiography of almost every fan in the country. The book traces the way that the game changed so dramatically over the years, giving a wonderfully nostalgic insight of how the game was, as well as a scathing attack on today's over-paid prima donnas and the greedy clubs that now monopolise the game. This is a must read for all football fans.

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